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Triumphalia Ornamenta

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  1. (The emperors distributed, honoris causā, such ornaments to men who had distinguished themselves): “ pluribus triumphalia ornamenta decernenda curavit, ” Suet. Aug.
  2. Igitur triumphalia ornamenta et inlustris statuae honorem et quidquid pro triumpho datur, multo verborum honore cumulata, decerni in senatu iubet addique insuper opinionem, Syriam provinciam.
  3. Roman triumphal honours (Latin: insignia or ornamenta triumphalia) denotes honours awarded during the Roman Empire to a victorious general in lieu of a full Roman triumph.
  4. Jun 19,  · band: Rex Infernus demo: Triumphalia Ornamenta () Back to the Future | Marty McFly Plays "Johnny B. Goode" and "Earth Angel" - Duration: .
  5. Orātor - Ornamenta Triumphalia Orātor Orātor Orbicŭlus Orbilius Pupillus Orbis Orbōna Orca Orcădes Insŭlae Orchēsis Orchestic Orchestra Orchomĕnus Orcīnus Libertus Orcīnus Senātor Orcus Ordessus Ordinarius Iudex Ordo.
  6. la eo pronior Tiberius res gestas apud senatum celebravit; et decrevere patres triumphalia insignia, quod Camillo ob modestiam vitae impune fuit. latin-ancient en All the more willingly did Tiberius commemorate his achievements in the Senate, and the Senators voted him the ornaments of triumph, an honour which Camillus, because of his unambitious life, enjoyed without harm.
  7. Apr 01,  · It is argued that Augustus aimed at and almost succeeded in eliminating traditional triumphal celebrations completely during his lifetime, by using a combination of refusing them for himself and his relatives and of rewarding his legates who fought under his auspices with ornamenta triumphalia and an honorific statue in the Forum of Augustus. Subsequently, the elimination of the triumph .
  8. Mar 14,  · Iulius Severus is described as a legate of the province of Syria Palaestina. Since this inscription mentions his ornamenta triumphalia, and the name of the province of Judaea has already been changed to Syria Palaestina, it must be inferred that AE was written after the.

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